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When is the Onewheel GT expected to ship?

Using community data we are tracking when the new Onewheel GT will be shipping. The earliest order shipping dates we have seen is order 26293x (Slick Tire) estimated to ship on January 17th, 2022 and order 26040x (Treaded Tire) estimated to ship on January 24th, 2022.

Slick Tire Countdown: 44 days
Treaded Tire Countdown: 51 days

Still plenty of time to enjoy your XR!

Data Breakdown

Order Number Block Estimated Shipping
Slick Treaded
260xxx Jan 24
261xxx Jan 24
262xxx Jan 17 Jan 24
263xxx Jan 17 Jan 26
264xxx Jan 17 Jan 26
265xxx Jan 26
266xxx Jan 27
269xxx Jan 18
271xxx Jan 28
276xxx Feb 1
277xxx Feb 7
278xxx Feb 7
279xxx Feb 1
282xxx Feb 10
284xxx Feb 13
286xxx Feb 15

Want to add your GT pre-order to our data?

If you give us your order info to help our data we will give you a 15% coupon for the 88GHz shop as a thank you.

We have a strong commitment to the privacy of your data. When you provide us with your order number and email address we encrypt it and store it in a data storage that is private and secure and not directly accessible from the web. We will not share / sell / market to those that contribute to the GT Tracker data set. We will from time to time use your order info to retrieve an updated shipping estimate from Onewheel to see if their estimates are changing.