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When is the Onewheel GT expected to ship?

Notice: We are doing it again with the Onewheel GT S-Series board. Check it out!

Using real data from over 600 orders shared by community members we have been tracking the shipping progress of the new Onewheel GT.

GT Board shipments first began on Monday, March 7th. Check out this video of The Float Life unboxing their friend's GT!

June 9th Update: Future Motion is now showing the Onewheel GT as shipping "from stock" for the first time ever! This may ebb and flow over time, but it is a huge achievement for FM to get through the backlog of GT preorders and we applaud them for their efforts on what no doubt was a widely popular product launch for them! We are stoked to see this and glad to see our "GT Tracker" project come to a close. There will be no further updates.


Data Breakdown (Updated June 7th)

    = Order Block has orders indicated as "Shipped"
    = Order Block has orders indicated as "In Production"
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Order Number Block *Shipping Date
Slick Treaded
260xxx Mar 7      Mar 7     
261xxx Mar 7      Mar 8     
262xxx Mar 9      Mar 10     
263xxx Mar 10      Mar 14     
264xxx Mar 11      Mar 15     
265xxx Mar 14      Mar 16     
266xxx Mar 14      Mar 17     
267xxx Mar 15      Mar 21     
268xxx Mar 16      Mar 22     
269xxx Mar 16      Mar 22     
270xxx Mar 17      Mar 23     
271xxx Mar 17      Mar 24     
272xxx Mar 18      Mar 24     
273xxx Mar 18      Apr 6     
274xxx Mar 18      Apr 6     
275xxx Mar 21      Apr 6     
276xxx Mar 21      Apr 7     
277xxx Mar 21      Apr 7     
278xxx Mar 21      Apr 7     
279xxx Mar 22      Apr 7     
280xxx Mar 22      Apr 8     
281xxx -- Apr 8     
282xxx -- Apr 8     
283xxx -- Apr 8     
284xxx Mar 23      Apr 8     
285xxx -- Apr 11     
286xxx -- Apr 12     
287xxx -- Apr 12     
288xxx Mar 24      Apr 13     
289xxx Mar 24      Apr 14     
290xxx -- Apr 14     
291xxx Apr 6      Apr 15     
292xxx Apr 6      Apr 15     
293xxx Apr 6      Apr 15     
294xxx -- Apr 27     
295xxx -- Apr 27     
296xxx -- Apr 28     
297xxx Apr 8      Apr 28     
298xxx Apr 8      Apr 28     
299xxx Apr 11      Apr 29     
300xxx Apr 12      Apr 29     
301xxx Apr 12      Apr 29     
302xxx Apr 15      Apr 29     
303xxx Apr 25      Apr 30     
304xxx Apr 27      Apr 30     
305xxx Apr 27      May 2     
306xxx Apr 27      May 2     
307xxx Apr 28      May 3     
308xxx Apr 28      May 3     
309xxx Apr 28      May 4     
310xxx Apr 29      May 4     
311xxx Apr 29      May 5     
312xxx -- May 9     
313xxx Apr 30      May 10     
314xxx May 2      May 11     
315xxx May 3      May 11     
316xxx May 4      May 12     
317xxx May 4      May 12     
318xxx May 4      May 13     
319xxx May 5      May 13     
320xxx May 6      May 13     
321xxx May 10      May 14     
322xxx May 12      Apr 30     
323xxx May 13      Jun 2     
*Shipping Dates for Order Blocks that are not confirmed as "Shipped" are estimated dates provided by Future Motion.

Want to add your GT pre-order to our data?

Thanks for wanting to contribute your order, but we have collected enough order info to track the launch of the GT that we are satisfied and no longer accepting more order info to track. Thank you to the 630+ community members that were willing to share!


When did shipping begin?
On February 26th shipment notifications started sending for bundled GT accessories (creating confusion for some customers that Boards were shipping due to the formatting of some of the email templates used). On Friday, March 4th Future Motion posted an official update to social media that the first batch of Onewheel GT's would be shipping on Monday March 7th (despite the Order Tracker still returning March 4th as the estimated date for early orders). Additionally, GT related support videos were posted to the official YouTube channel, the GT Owners Manual was posted on-line, and also the Onewheel App was updated to include support for the Onewheel GT. All huge signs that shipment of boards was imminent. On Monday, March 7th around 6PM Pacific time the first GT orders (2604x) updated from "In Production" to "Shipped". Shortly after that Onewheel dropped a new video on YouTube for the GT and went to their Instagram story stating that the "first hundred, or hundreds" of board had shipped.

When did Production begin?
The order status tracking system started returning "In Production" for orders for the first time on Monday, February 21st, 2022. Most, but not all, Slick and Treaded tire orders with order numbers of approximately 26292x and lower started returning as "In Production" on February 21st, 2022. None have indicated as shipped yet.

How come your date is different than mine?
We display the earliest shipping date within a given "Block" of orders (grouped by first 3 digits of their order number and by Tire type). Some blocks may span onto multiple shipping days. Additionally, the order tracking system that Onewheel uses returns a specific date/time value in their results, but the "DUDE, WHERE'S MY ONEWHEEL?" page shows you a localized time zone formatted version of that date. We record and show the US Pacific (GMT-8) date value. And one last reason is that we do not update our dataset in real-time, but in waves. Any changes to your shipping date in the last 24-48 hours may not be reflected in our data set yet (we get a new fresh set of data for all Blocks before we publish a new table).

Tell us about Slick vs. Treaded tire selections?
Currently 69.3% of the orders we are tracking are for the Treaded Tire version of the GT. Tire availability will be a factor in shipping dates. Originally Slick tires were going to start shipping 1 week ahead of Treaded tire GTs, but now it does appear that both options will start shipping near the same time. Additionally on Jan 10th we saw a massive shift in Slick orders in the 276xxx-279xxx range - these orders originally were showing February shipping dates but all shifted about a month back indicating that there may be further constraints on Slick tire supply.

Have there been any changes in shipping dates (a.k.a. "Pushback")?
Yes. Originally Slick Tire options were going to start shipping a week earlier on January, 17th, but they have shifted to start shipping the same time as the Treaded tire options on January 24th. About 40% of the orders we track have seen some sort of adjustment delay in their estimated shipping date, from either 1 day all the way up to 18 days. On January 13th Future Motion sent an email to all GT Pre-order Customers informing them that production has been delayed due to component/supply chain issues. The first round of Onewheel GT orders will no longer be shipping in January and have been pushbacked "a couple of weeks". We then saw additional delays across the board. Earliest orders were pushbacked the most with a 35 day delay.

We have a strong commitment to the privacy of your data. When you provide us with your order number and email address we encrypt it and store it in a data storage that is private and secure and not directly accessible from the web. We will not share / sell / market to those that contribute to the GT Tracker data set. We will from time to time use your order info to retrieve an updated shipping estimate from Onewheel to see if their estimates are changing.